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Social Care

I work in partnership with local authorities and social services to provide focused psychological interventions to families and young people at risk. Treatment focuses on identified needs to enhance individuals’ strengths, work towards positive change, and create positive and secure attachments. 

Organisational Consultancy

I work with organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to address service development issues and quality improvement. I apply a solution focused approach and principles of transactional analysis to identify ways of improving knowledge, skills, overall performance and productivity within the organisation. I advise and provide recommendations to organisations on how to work more effectively by investigating problems, and identifying potential solutions.  I offer training sessions that focus on learning ways to create conditions of fulfilment and motivation in the workplace, exploring ways in which an organisation can support their employees to engage their most productive selves, and looking at ways to facilitate positive interpersonal relationships through improved communication skills within teams. 


Consultancy: Services
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