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Individual Therapy

During the process of therapy we will work together to identify what feels painful, what feels confusing, and what things may be acting as a barrier to you moving forward.  In the process of reflecting back your thoughts and feelings, you learn to become the expert on working with your own challenges, and slowly work towards change. 

In my work I cover a range of approaches and methods that may include a structured time-limited form of therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), or a more in-depth longer-term form of therapy which provides the opportunity to think and work at a deeper level by exploring possible underlying causes of your problems and how this understanding can help you to move forward. 

Sessions can be online, by phone or face to face. My practice is based in Bedford (UK). Owing to the flexibility of online sessions, I see clients from different locations, both nationally and internationally. 

Please note, owing to current government guidelines regarding COVID, face to face sessions will be put on hold until it is safely recommended to do so. 

Why come to therapy?

Taking that first step to talk to someone can be difficult and may feel daunting.  Most of us confront struggles in our life at some stage, but overcoming these is not always easy, and may mean we start to feel ‘stuck’. Any of these experiences can make us feel vulnerable and can affect our mood, our emotions and behaviour. 

What are the first steps?

I offer a 15-20 mins free telephone call which provides an opportunity to gain a general idea of your main challenges and to discuss any questions you have regarding treatment.

Should you decide to proceed, the initial meeting involves an in depth assessment of your needs and discussing your suitability for therapy. This includes reflecting on your readiness and openness to change at this time. Further, an integral part of therapy is promoting your safety, and thus a brief risk assessment will form part of the assessment. 

We will begin by exploring your main presenting problems and potential goals of therapy, and we will discuss how therapy may help you to work towards change. My approach to therapy is both holistic and integrative in that I draw from a number of theoretical frameworks which are used at different times where appropriate to understand your experience, needs and goals.

Relating to you as a client

Therapy begins by creating a safe place that encourages you to feel supported when you choose to share your story. As a therapist I give much value to working alongside you and to building a co-created therapeutic relationship that will help to promote openness. The treatment is tailored to your own ideas of personal growth and meaning, and I work holistically to explore all aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing.


Individual Therapy: Services
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